margot portal

“So many portfolios! So many links! Web? Interactive? Oh my! Blah blah blah...”

Welcome to this portal. Whatever you are looking for, our jQuery widget is sure to help you find it! That's because we have a Google link in there someplace.

Is that a beautiful accordion widget, or what? We adapted it from a similar thing by Dynamic Drive. jQuery was invented by Mr. John Resig.

Our available technologies run the gamut from Flash/Flex/Actionscript 3.0 (and jQuery and other JavaScript) to simple, very clean html/css webpage designs. Advertising (print + web), marketing collateral, corporate identity and branding, interactive pharma platforms (Exploria), and video technologies are all available.

Clients and employers have included: Citigroup, Smith Barney, American Express, NBC Universal, Qualcomm...and a hundred little places you probably never heard of (funny little loft spaces that like to describe themselves as "hip, young, edgy, cutting-edge").

Have a good evening, everyone. And a brighter tomorrow.